Power washing and pressure washing sound pretty similar, but there are some significant differences – it depends on what and where you are cleaning.

Let’s take a look at the differences.

Both of these methods are suitable for cleaning your home and can have similar results.
The main difference between the two is the temperature of the water used.

Power washing takes advantage of hot water to get the cleaning done, whereas; pressure washing uses water of a regular temperature and utilizes high-pressure equipment. It is better for removing grime, algae, and dirt.

Other differences include:

Power washing uses normal pressure but hot water and is ideal for cleaning vinyl, wood siding, or aluminum.

It is also great for cleaning gutters and driveway and making your deck or patio look refreshed.

It is easier to get things clean due to the hot water used and is perfect for cleaning your house if you are considering selling it.

Pressure washing uses extremely high pressure. The water flows through a tank that enforces the pressure. There are various nozzles available that each performs a different task.

As for whether pressure washing is better, well, it is a matter of opinion.

Many people prefer to go with pressure washing for their home, but power washing for a larger commercial project as they feel the hot water speeds up the cleaning process.