Not many people are aware of this fact, but fall is one of the busiest times for roofing contractors everywhere. Why are our autumn days always booked solid? It’s for one specific reason: fall is the best time for roofing projects!

Here’s why the Paramount Home Solutions team swears by fall roof installation:

You’ll Benefit From Tolerable Temperatures

The weather in Souderton, PA, and other local areas is at its mildest and most tolerable during early and mid-fall. This means installers can inspect your roof, prepare materials, and get the job done faster, so you can get back to enjoying your everyday life.

Moderate temperatures also benefit roof installation professionals because the optimal time to install asphalt shingles is when the weather is between 45 and 85° F. Very hot weather can make it difficult to nail shingles into place, while very cold weather can make shingles too brittle to install properly. Since most fall days are somewhere in the 45-85° range, this season is an ideal time for shingle installation.

Once shingles are installed, they also need time to adhere properly to your roof. This is part of a process that roofers call “thermal sealing.”  Excessively hot or cold temperatures can prevent the shingles from properly sealing, leading to expensive roof repairs later down the line.

You’ll Keep Out Winter Storms

Winter’s cold temperatures aren’t the only threat to your roof. Fall is the perfect time for your roofing project because your roof needs to be fortified before those winter storms come rolling into town. If your roof needs work, but you let the fall pass by without calling our roofing company, snow and ice buildup on your roof can end up becoming more than just an annoyance. We’ve seen roofs develop serious structural damage, rot from the inside out, and even cave in completely as a result of winter storms. Don’t take the risk!

You’ll Restore Your Roof After Spring & Summer

Another factor that makes fall a great season for roofing projects is that your roof sustains a lot of damage during spring and summer. Rainstorms, falling branches, plant life, and the blazing hot sun are just a few of the many natural elements that can take a toll on your roof’s health during the spring and summer months. So when fall comes around, there’s no better time to have your roof replaced! 

You’ll Save a Bundle on Bills

New roofing materials have many benefits compared to more “old-fashioned” ones. A new, energy-efficient roof will help keep the heat in all winter long (and out all summer long)! You’ll save a fortune on both cooling and heating bills. 

What do energy savings have to do with replacing your roof in the fall? Simple: winter is when homeowners typically spend the most on utility bills since heating bills are usually much higher than AC bills. By choosing fall roof replacement, you’ll keep your home’s heating bills much lower this winter, saving the maximum amount of money.

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